Thoughts on Xamarin Forms for cross-platform app vs. RemObjects Elements?

We are a small startup with only 1 real developer and need to create a cross-platform tablet app to run on Windows, Android and iOS. I've done some reading and had a very small amount of experience with Xamarin for iOS to write a small iPhone app in C#. I was quite impressed with the ease of use, however that code was not reusable across the other OS'es.

After doing some research into other options, I found Xamarin Forms and RemObjects Elements. Both offer the ability to create apps in C# that will either compile to native code (RemObjects) or run under a flavor of Mono (Xamarin).

I've found some articles online about Xamarin Forms being really buggy, having memory leaks and crashing often. Has anyone here had any experience with it?

Also, if you've used RemObjects before to write an app for Android and iOS, how did you find it?

Anyone that's used both, which do you prefer and are there any real pitfalls I should know about?

Xamarin is $2,000 a year for iOS + Android. RemObjects is $799 for life, with one year of updates.

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