structuring code properly– C# beginner

Hi guys, thanks for your help with my last question. I'm trying to write a text adventure game as a beginner c# project. Completely new to all of this and slowly learning how to do things.

I've got a lot of good feedback about objects and instances of objects, and figured out how to check if user input, in the form of a string exists in a list, and from there, use if loops to perform further actions.

I've heard about the concert of a "main game loop", in this context a loop that is basically going from user input, to parsing user input, then performing actions/changing states, inventory functions, etc, then back to "what is your next action?"

Is there a good way to jump between say, a user input method, a parser method, inventory method, a movement method, and an "event" method, where things happen based on actions?

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