Need suggestions on how to get large-ish files from a client desktop app to our server

The situation is a fairly simple one, to the point where I'm expecting to have missed something really obvious.

We have a desktop application (Winforms, but I don't think that matters) and we'd like to upload a zip from this application to our server automatically. We've been trying to use FTP but we're hitting a snag with some corporate firewalls blocking our passive port range. Active won't work either, for similar reasons.

Essentially, FTP is the "obvious" answer to me but it seems pretty dead in the water due to client firewalls blocking it.

The Zip files are about 20MB in size, so they're just too big to email and I'd like something a bit more elegant anyway. Has anyone had to do something like this before? Should I be looking at some sort of cloud storage provider?

by neoKushan via /r/csharp

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