Launch form from Console app – Insert Number into Textbox

I'm going insane and I need you guys.

Never done C#, but I have an awesome job opportunity that pays 20,000k more than I make now, and I have the job if I can make a program that fits their specifications. The assignment says I can ask for as much or little help as I want from friends/mentors/etc., and I can google my ass off if I need to, so no cheating here!

I have been stuck on one little ass part for TWENTY HOURS. I have a permanent hunchback.

I'm only asking help on this one part, because I want to figure out most of this on my own.

Mandatory Rules are: Console App C# opens C# form winAPI low level calls only.

I have a form created in the console app (I can give you code but I have around 7 different versions at this point). All i want to do is write code in my program.cs that when executed: will open the form, activate the form, select the first text box, and enter the number 6.

I can post my form code if I need to, but all I really want to know is if I have a form with one textbox on it, how do I execute it and add text to the textbox.

I have googled my ass off, so if anyone could help I would be so grateful!

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