Help with how I would design a search.

This could be a long explanation but please bear with me. 🙂

So we were tasked to create a web application that sort of works like a portal to all of our multiple web applications.

In this portal web app, I was tasked to create a search function that would get data from all of our web apps then present them in our result page.

The way they did it in the past was to create stored procedures on each databases of the web apps that compiles all data and return a string that is already in html format. Note that each databases are on different servers.

This returned value is then appended on the portal for viewing.

Is there a better way to do it?

What I was thinking was to create a web service to each web application but there are several questions bothering me if I ever do it this way; One of these is how do I make it dynamic in a way that if we ever create a new web app, I won't need to reference it manually on our portal web app then recompile.

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