Checkboxes and Databindings

Hello. I am finding an somewhat unusual behavior with checkboxes and databindings on my form, while using the Checked and Enabled properties. I have 3 checkboxes A, B and C, all three with databindings to its own field with the Checked property. So If all three are unchecked, the row['propertyA'] will be false, and so will be for B and C.
Now, checkboxes B and C are to be enabled only if checkbox A is checked. So on checkedchange for checkbox A, I put the verification and set B and C .Checked = false and .Enabled = false.
All is well. When I check A, B and C are enabled again. Ok. But when I click (check) either B or C, it becomes checked for a fraction of a second, and then the click unchecks it.
Might it be because even tho I set .Checked to false, the binding retained the 1 (true) value?
If it is unclear, I can try to exemplify more.

by paulodemoc via /r/csharp

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