C# OpenTK Tutorials

Hey guys, my name is Sil. For the past few months I have been creating tutorials for OpenTK (A wrapper for OpenGL, OpenAL, and a few others for C# managed use) on youtube. However just recently I've decided to switch over to text tutorials as they are often much more professional and easier to follow.

Anyhow I just got my site up a running on Squarespace and thought I would post a thread here about it to let you guys know.

Site: sil-tutorials.squarespace.com

I only have about 2 parts of one tutorial done as of posting this but I am working hard to expand and finish both planned series. What I am hoping for is feedback and also just to spread the word a bit. If you're at all interesting in working with OpenTK I would appreciate it if you go check the tutorials out. And if you do I would much appreciate some constructive criticism.



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