Unable to load the specified metadata resource


I am getting the following error message in my Context.cs file "Unable to load the specified metadata resource." on the last line of this method:

 public virtual ObjectResult<usp_gam_GET_Actions_byID_Result> usp_gam_GET_Actions_byID(string userID) { var userIDParameter = userID != null ? new ObjectParameter("userID", userID) : new ObjectParameter("userID", typeof(string)); return ((IObjectContextAdapter)this).ObjectContext.ExecuteFunction<usp_gam_GET_Actions_byID_Result>("usp_gam_GET_Actions_byID", userIDParameter); } 

I removed the related stored procedure / function import in the .edmx file and then re-updated the model.

My google-fu is not strong on this one. Any ideas?

by nufsven via /r/csharp

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