I would like to learn more about Multi-threading with Task/Async/Await, but i don’t know where to start

I have some basic understanding/knowledge over threads in general, as well as the basic Thread Class in .NET (I can create a thread to run a piece of code, different from the main thread, that is all i can do. Also a little bit of understanding over Thread Safe code… Lock/Join…etc.)

I know that now we have Task with Async/Await, which is built off Thread, but i have no idea where to start. A lot of courses go from Basic Thread, and then go off to few others thing like Thread Pool… long before reaching Task. So am i missing out something if i just start learning from Task? I know that i am not doing a good job at phasing my question, but generally, i have a little basic understanding over Threading, now i just want to get into Task/Asynchronous Methods.

by AMRAAM_Missiles via /r/csharp

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