I need to create a SOAP WebService in .NET to match an already built XML. What is the best approach?

I have an already built structure from a integration platform who proxies requests from different organizations, so I already have the sample SOAP request I'll receive. I do not have any control over that.

The structure I receive do not contain operation named nodes like the ones generated by Visual Studio template. I'm planning to use WCF as it seems a best option for SOAP based modern webservices.

Inside the body, the XML only contains one XMLDocument with a structure I already created classes for, I could receive it as a parameter, but the problem is if I include a method like

createRecord(myClass content) 

it will create an XML structure with

<Body> <createRecord> <content> XMLDOCUMENT </content> </createRecord> </Body> 

buy they will only send me

<Body> XMLDOCUMENT </Body> 

I'd like some suggestions or anything that could give me a light on the subject as all my attempts failed miserably.

by bservulo via /r/csharp

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