Eric Lippert, C# compiler dev/guru/blogger, is doing an AMA on Friday 4pm NY time (x-post /r/programmerchat)

Hi /r/csharp, Eric Lippert, former principle compiler developer and design team member for C# at Microsoft, and well known C# and programming author/blogger from his MSDN days and his personal blog, will be doing an AMA at /r/programmerchat this Friday at 4pm NY time / 1 pm SF time. (/r/programmerchat is new sub for, well, programmers to chat!)

Eric's blogs are among the most lucid and technically compelling stuff I've found out there over the years — even before I started doing C# seriously. Exciting to get a chance to interact with him like this!

The actual AMA thread will be posted on Friday so you can add questions ahead of time if you can't join in live — which hopefully you can. Hope to see you, and spread the word! Above all, lets bring some great questions for Eric.

by Ghopper21 via /r/csharp

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