Can someone explain me this whole .NET Open Source stuff? Please.

I am new to programming and I chose C#/.NET since I have never been a fan of OSX or Linux myself (I am more comfortable in Windows, since I have been using it for quite a long time). I started my programming journey knowing that C#/.NET is officially just Windows based but I heard that .NET is going open source and multi-platform. It is an exciting news for me but at the same time I am little confused.

I realized that WPF and WinForms are two main UI templates (correct me if I am wrong) available in .NET. So, my point is, if .NET goes open source (I have very little clue on what I'm talking), will I able to make a simple WPF/WinForm application and make it usable in all three platforms (Windows, OSX, Linux)? I have little to no knowledge of other programming langues but I think, similar task can be accomplished in Java.

I would appreciate if someone would take the time to clear my confusion, since the articles thrown at me by Google seems to complicate the situation even more. Thanks in advance for your help.

by ElvisXX via /r/csharp

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