What is one open source project that doesn’t exist that would be truly useful to you?

I want to create something useful for the community so I'm starting here with this thread.

I'm looking for any ideas for pretty much anything that will be truly useful for the community at large. This might be a framework, wrapper classes, a fully fledged open source application or pretty much anything.

Something perhaps you might have thought about but haven't got around to code.

I'm doing this for 4 reasons.

  1. I want a pet project outside of my day to day coding job.

  2. It's coming up a lot in job interviews – I keep getting asked have you created any side projects?

  3. I want a free resharper license

  4. I want to give something back to the community and get some recognition for it.

No idea will be frowned on, and I'll give you instant feedback on what I think.

by SayNoToWar via /r/csharp

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