So, what do C# developers actually do?

I'm at the end of my first CS college year – our language is C#.

That being said, I quite don't get why they are teaching us C#, from what I can see, its far from being one of those so called "popular" programming languages. Why not Java or C++? Is it because it's far more simple to understand than the two other names languages?

And what exactly is C# used for anyway? For creating applications for businesses/companies, for creating MS software? I know there are things like Xamarin that allow you to create apps for iOS and Android and Unity for creating games, which is quite interesting, but other than that I really have no idea what C# developers do.

Further more, researching online and reading comments, it just seems to me that majority have a negative view on C# and .NET because it's related to MS and apparently there are better alternatives.

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