NSX API: Upload ESG SSL VPN Portal logo

I am currently using the NSX API to provision an edge on our NSX Manager device. I have been able to do everything required with the exception of uploading a customized portal logo, I have included the information from the documentation below, but it does not contain what the request body should look like. I feel with this information, I would be able to complete the request. Has anyone had to work with this before, or is anyone from VMware able to answer this?

Would also be nice to see the documentation updated with how to upload files to the REST API in a bit more detail…

Configure Portal Layouts You can configure the web layout bound to the SSL VPN client.

Upload Portal Logo Uploads the portal logo from the given local path. Example 8-150. Upload portal logo Request: POST https:///api/4.0/edges//sslvpn/config/layout/images/portallogo/

Upload Phat Banner Uploads the phat client banner from the given local path. The phat banner image must in the bmp format. Example 8-151. Upload phat banner Request: POST https:///api/4.0/edges//sslvpn/config/layout/images/phatbanner

I have tried many different methods.. including base64 encoded image as body and mulipart form data but all fail with the error below.

HTTP Status 400 –

type Status report message description The request sent by the client was syntactically incorrect.

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