Looking for assistance in creating a Module Catalog in Prism.

So… I can't get my practice Prism application past setting up a Module Catalog.

Ideally I'd like to set it up using the App.config file, but I've run into an error that I have no idea how to fix as outlined in this Stackoverflow question. Rebuilding the entire practice application proved to be useless in the end. All of my Prism/Unity DLLs are downloaded right from NuGet, and I've verified that they're in the bin folder. I'm posting here in hopes to have more eyes look at the issue since there hasn't been much activity on Stackoverflow.

I've also tried creating a catalog using a xaml file but there's an entirely different set of errors with that. I'd rather use the App.config file anyway so I'm hoping to get that working if possible.

My experience with Prism has been so, so frustrating. If anyone can help I'll be in your debt forever 🙂

by Vartib via /r/csharp

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