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  • [X-Post /r/csharp] Intellisense doesn’t work with InternalsVisibleTo()

    I started working on a new side project and would like to unit test some internal structures of a class library. I created a AssemblyInfo.cs file in my project root and added the [assembly: InternalsVisibleTo(“RemoteLocalCoop.Networking.Tests”)] modifier. However Intellisense doesn’t show up when I want to write my tests. The Tests Project compiles just fine, it’s […]

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  • Old timer question.

    I have a large application written in vb.net that has the main exe and a single dll. The main exe holds most of the core functionality. But I would really like to split the application up into smaller process driven compartments. But this is were my age shows. From the exe objects. ie forms etc […]

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  • XY Plotting – LiveCharts

    I have four lists (x1List, y1List, x2List, y2List) which hold 1000 values each, i want to plot these lists as x & y values using LiveCharts. i understand how to plot the y values using; new LineSeries { Title = “Series1”, Values = y1List.AsChartValues(), PointGeometry = null }, new LineSeries { Title = “Series2”, Values […]