Exchange MFA “module”

Is anyone using the MFA module for Exchange management? It’s the one that uses the Connect-EXOPSSession command to sign in to Exchange admin with MFA. It’s installed through the 365 admin portal but it isn’t truly a module, I’ve seen methods of importing it into PS and ISE for general use but the common theme […]

InnerException adds unwanted Information to error output

I’m playing around with active directory and error exceptions. I have to following error: try{ ([ADSI]”WinNT://$1/administrators,group”).psbase.Invoke(“Add”,([ADSI]”WinNT://$domain/$($local.Name)”).path); Write-Host “$($local.Name) has been added to the local Administrators of $($1)” } catch{ $error.exception.InnerException } –OUTPUT: The specified account Name is already a member of the Group Now when I change the error exception like this: Write-Host “$error.exception.InnerException -ForegroundColor […]