Package for Roles and Permissions

Hi What packages do people use to manage users roles and permissions to control what features can be used by what roles. ​ For example in Laravel, theres a Roles and Permissions package that allows you check if a user has a role very easily. ​ if($user->hasRole(‘admin’){ “Show admin Panel” } submitted by /u/Deviso [link] […]

The most used architecture patterns from your experience

Recently, i have read quite a lot about different options how to “correctly” build an application, keep good code quality and so on. ​ Example repositories ​ For more simple projects with no so heavy domain logic, more simple crud operations and so on, what’s the best solution how to manage codebase. Are […]

WPF question

Hey guys, I am working on a MVVM WPF project and am currently working on the UI. I was thinking about creating a class to hold size values that I am using in the XAML, then binding that property in the XAML. Right now I have many XAML fields with height and width values set […]

I failed interview

Hi everyone. I am .NET/C# developer with 2.7 years of experience. Recently i was gone through interview and i was asked a lot of questions about frameworks(ADO.NET, EF, ASP.NET) and application architecture. And language specific question about C# , and language agnostic questions like design patterns i was asked very few. Overall i failed interview […]

C# linux video player

Hello, I’ve made a video player which works on linux with .NET core and electron. However the problem I have is HTML5 video player supports only few formats, so I’ve used ffmpeg to convert videos to valid formats… and this takes time. I’m trying, but failing, to find a proper way to either decode videos […]