Dynamic server-ing

I'd like some help in pseudo-code, or c# Basically, I want to make a sort of voice chat for my friends and me, so with known and static IPs
The thing is, I won't have a dedicated server, or a PC on at all times to run the server.

What I want is that the first person to connect acts as a server, and the rest, when they come online, to connect to him.
When one disconnects, for the next one in line to become the server.

I made a small diagram on MS-Paint, to explain it and to show off my drawing skills : http://ift.tt/1QtyG4i

NOTE: the IPs are known at all time. Even if the server moves, it has one of the known IPs

Sorry about the formatting, i'm on mobile
Thanks for your help :)

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In Developer Command Prompt keep getting “csc” error message.

Hi, had all last semester building programs in C# but we used psuedocode and VS IDE. My hand was pretty much held the entire semester. Now this new semester just started and it's all using notepad.

Keep getting this message when trying to compile: "c:\cis218>csc lab1_1.cs 'csc' is not recognized as an internal or external command, operable program or batch file."

Ultimate noob quieston.


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How to delete an entire Registry sub key tree using C#?

Registry is the heart of Windows Operating System and all/most of the apps and games associates various values/data into the registry, which can be accessed at different point of time. Playing with Windows registry is very dangerous and hence general people should avoid or take special care while working with it.

In case you are a developer, you want to read/write/delete entries to/fro Windows Registry. This post will cover details and code snippets to delete an entire key tree from it. Continue reading to learn how to do it.

Read more: http://ift.tt/1TbJPwM

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Is this doable in c#? (configuring a hid device on the fly)

Long project short, suppose I have an arduino driven usb "keyboard" that only has two buttons. Press one and it sends a keystroke (like "a",) press the second and it sends a keystroke+modifier (like ctrl+c). I'd like to develop a small application that you load once the device is plugged in where the user can configure those buttons.

Rather than reprogram the board every time I thought a solution would be the app detecting input coming from that arduino's specific hardware ID (or something device constant so the same app would work with it on any computer), and then it would say…

"Oh hey here's the device I'm looking for. It's sending an "a" keystroke so I know that's the first button. But the user said in my drop-down box that they want the first button to be "ctrl+x." I'll immediately convert "a" to "ctrl+x" every time I see it from this board. Oh snap the user just pressed the second button because I'm seeing "ctrl+c." Well the user specified in my second drop-down box that button 2 should type capital "H" so I'll convert that each time too." And this would persist until the application closed. (please forgive my program-talking-to-itself explanation)

I'm pretty green with c# so I'd first like to know if that it possible and a suitable solution, possible and a terrible idea, impossible and lame to even suggest, etc. Any input would be awesome. Thanks!

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Senior Xamarin Developer

Hi Everyone,

Currently looking for a full-time Senior Xamarin Developer in Milwaukee, WI. Having a little trouble finding someone with that skill-set and was hoping you all could help! Where would be the best place to search for an individual with the following skills?

I've been scouring every source possible to find a great Senior Xamarin Developer for a full-time position in Milwaukee. I was wondering if anyone could help me on where to find someone that might be interested in a position of this nature.

Below are some of the things I'd be looking for.

  • 8+ years software development experience on commercial software products and applications across multiple platforms (desktop, web, and mobile).
  • 4+ years software development experience on mobile applications (iOS and Android) using C# and the Xamarin framework.
  • Strong object oriented design and programming skills in C# / Java / Objective-C / Swift.
  • Experience with iOS SDK and Xcode.
  • Experience with web service integration (SOAP, REST, JSON, XML).
  • Experience with Microsoft .NET, SQL programming languages, JavaScript and JavaScript libraries (i.e. AngularJS, React.js), AJAX, ORMs, CSS, HTML.

Thanks for the help!

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UWP Opacity Animation

<sigh> The process changed again. Prior to UWP creating an animation was as follows:

Storyboard sbClock = new Storyboard(); DoubleAnimation animColon = new DoubleAnimation(1.0, 0.0, new Duration(TimeSpan.FromSeconds(2))); animColon.RepeatBehavior = RepeatBehavior.Forever; animColon.AutoReverse = true; Storyboard.SetTarget(animColon, this.Colon); Storyboard.SetTargetProperty(animColon, new PropertyPath(TextBlock.OpacityProperty)); sbClock.Children.Add(animColon); sbClock.Begin(); 

However, now it seems it's not the same. "PropertyPath" is now a string (WTF?!) and while I attempted several values such as: Storyboard.SetTargetProperty(animFade, "(TextBlock.OpacityProperty)");

That did not work. I am surfing around attempting to find a solution but so far no luck, so I thought I'd ask.

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