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  • Need help, beginner

    So here is the source for my click to move script. Im trying to get a idle and run animation. http://pastebin.com/SBY2Csgv Its saying navmeshagent not atttached to my object. Now here is the confusing part. im folllowing a tutorial on youtube, but i used a different model and it has different files. Like i said […]

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  • Is it possible to initialize A pscustoobject with a ScriptProperty using the [pscustomobject]@{} method?

    Hi All! Basically, I have fallen in love creating PSObjects like this: $TestObj = [pscustomobject]@{ Property1 = ‘Value 1’ Property2 = ‘Value 2′ } It’s objectively faster and much cleaner than a bunch of Add-Member‘s. I feel even deeper in love when I learned you can do this: $TestObj = [pscustomobject]@{ PSTypeName = ‘My.Object’ Property1 […]

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  • In C# & WPF how can I make a custom shape that each individual line or shape that makes it up can have it’s own color, be adjustable, and be able to animate it while not changing the other parts?

    I made the shape I wanted using LineGeometry & EllipseGeometry but it’s all one color. -There’s going to be times when I want to rotate or scale all parts at the same time. -There’s going to be more times when I want to rotate or adjust some parts only while they stay connected to the […]