Tutorial searching

hey im looking for a good learning base for a beginner so far i started off watching brackys c# tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pSiIHe2uZ2w&t=274s which is a tutorial done in Xamarin i had many people tell me this tutorial sucks its no good and will only harm me down the road but no one linkend me anything i […]

How to pass arguments to a function that is called from a Start-Job scriptblock

The following code works, but I don’t understand how to pass arguments to it. I think the complications might be because of $Export_Functions, which I don’t fully understand how works. Is $var supposed to be inside $Export_Functions somewhere? Function Job1 ($variable) { Write-Output “Start job1” Write-Output $variable # is NULL, should be “test” Write-Output $args[0] […]

Theming Razor Pages in DNC2.1

I’m trying to create a mutitenant themeable site using the new Razor Pages in dotnet core 2.1. I have the middleware to identify tenant and set the tenant theme in the context based on host, so that on each request I can extract the information for the tenant. I have all the default pages under […]