filtering objects on their “Name”

Hi Power Pros, I was wondering if its possible to filter on an objects name and not the NoteProperty value. See below Get-Member of my object for more details Name MemberType Definition —- ———- ———- Equals Method bool Equals(System.Object obj) GetHashCode Method int GetHashCode() GetType Method type GetType() ToString Method string ToString() 12179243 NoteProperty int […]

[GIVEAWAY] Subscription for 3 months ($100 per month, $300 in total)

Already redeemed by someone. Sorry to disappoint. Hi fellow clouders, I’ve received this code from Global Azure’s Bootcamp but I already have an MSDN subscription through my company, so I have no use of this one 🙂 Here it is: W5EMUXV5WWCJGD85MM Visit to redeem the code. Use it wisely, cheers! submitted by /u/thevucko [link] […]

Angle between two lines

How would you calculate an angle between two lines, if their startig point is the same, like, imagine a ‘V’ shape? For example Line1: ax;ay – bx;by AND Line2: ax;ay – cx;cy. I think you realized that it would be in a triangle calculation 🙂 submitted by /u/theoneandonlyhuntyr [link] [comments]