Noob question: Need to get foreach results between quotes for the foreach variable

Basically, problem is this: I have an Invoke-WebRequest in a foreach loop linked to a variable. Problem is the URLs appear like that: $urlList = “url1, url2, url3” How can I get each results between quotes like the following example? $urlList = “url1”, “url2”, “url3” Here’s the full part of the code: $linkList = foreach […]

Pipeline ByPropertyName Question/Help

I am trying to write a small script that will get all domain computers (Get-ADComputer), and return all of the running processes (Get-Process). Since the value type of Get-ADComputer is different from accepted Get-Process input, I figured I would use the pipeline ByPropertyName input, as the -ComputerName parameter in Get-Process accepts pipeline input ByPropertyName. I […]

SafeNet USB Tokens with IRM/IWR?

Does anyone have any experience using 2FA via SafeNet USB tokens with Invoke-WebRequest or Invoke-RestMethod? We have some sites/services, that require authentication via SafeNet USB hardware tokens for 2FA but I can’t seem to find any documentation about how one might prompt for and provide a certificate based credential from a hardware token in a […]

O365 – UCWA

Hello I am having trouble creating a application resource in UCWA with Powershell. I have followed this guide: and I am able to get a token and get the Application URL. But when I try to do a post to the URL following to last step ( I get a 403 error stating that […]