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  • [HELP] variable inside an array

    How to get $caption -join “`n” inside an array? When I do the following, it gives me a an unexpected token error. $captions = Get-CimInstance win32_diskdrive | select -expand caption $info = @( System Info `n “BIOS Version: $(Get-Ciminstance win32_bios | select -expand SMbiobiosversion) `n” “Baseboard: $(Get-Ciminstance win32_baseboard | select -expand product) `n” “Drives: $captions […]

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  • So… it turns out it’s stupid easy to create and publish NuGet packages targetting multiple framework versions.

    I wanted to learn how to get a package on NuGet. It seems like a great way to break out small bits of functionality, get them under CI (if the organization you work for is backwards!), and generally have a good time. Here’s what I learned: https://www.jeremeevans.com/create-a-nuget-package-and-publish-it-to-nuget/ I hope you enjoy the read! submitted by […]