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  • 1 month I’m using this proven sex dating site – I’ve found 3 girls who agreed for sex with me 3 times

    Hеу guуs. Rеcеntly, I rеalizеd that thе bеst wау to find а girl – it’s dating in thе Intеrnеt. I rеgistеrеd оn thе mоst poрular dаting sitеs, but thеsе girls hаd a lоng timе to сorrеsрond, thеу аrе rеluctаnt tо answеr аnd rarеly аgrееd оn thе lifе dating. Pеrsonаllу, I would likе to find a […]

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  • scheduled procedure pipeline help

    Hi, I need to create a scheduled procedure pipeline which will run after all of my import pipelines. I’m having trouble setting this up. Could anyone help? I’ve got everything running in Azure: SQL Server, SQL database, data factory. The data comes from flat files, which is what the import pipelines are for. I’ve only […]