New-Object for an array of object

Greetings, ​ I’m trying to put together a simple script for GeoCoding (Location info) and i’m having issues getting the output correct. It’s doing almost what i expect but it’s putting multiple names as one string in the Names property field. I would like separate output for each location. Here’s the script – ​ $Location […]

Weird Powershell output Error

if ($spaceSplit[$k-1] -cmatch “UNIT” -and $spaceSplit[$k] -match ‘d’){ if ($spaceSplit[$k] -eq “I” -or $spaceSplit[$k] -eq “II”){Convert-RomanToDecimal $spaceSplit[$k]} $formatUnitNumRemarks = “Unit: ” + $spaceSplit[$k] $formatUnitNumLegal = “unit:” + $spaceSplit[$k] Write-Host $fileNum $formatUnitNumRemarks } This code snippit is designed to find Unit numbers in a property index and it works perfectly fine. The issue is that when […]

PS ISE Theme

VS Code is the go-to editor for PowerShell but for anyone who still rocks the ISE: I use it from time to te since it’s lightweight. To install that theme, copy the raw, and in the ISE: Tools >options >manage themes. Import that file then select it. Not perfect for all token types but […]

Dotnet Cli Templates (C#)

I have recently published my dotnet cli templates for C#. They basically makes my life easier whenever I need to start developing a new project. Templates have : Layers (Service, Repository and Models) Swagger (for WebApi project) Entity Framework Core Support (only need to pass your connection string in appsettings file) Dependency Injection (Microsoft) AutoMapper […]