Where to look for someone to review my code ?

Hello there, everyone.

Is there a place where I could find someone to review my code? Or maybe what I actually need is something different.. The fact that I haven't worked in a production environment gives me some mild insecurity about how I'm doing things. And if what I'm doing is shit I would like to know it and make it better.

Just so that you can make your mind about me: I'm unemployed and I hope I can get a junior position in the following months.


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[asp.net c#] GridView datasource XML.doc, trying to get XML element as a dynamic Hyperlink, Googling is coming up with nothing. Would appreciate any help given or feed back given, quite stumped.

I'm quite stumped.


I'm trying to get 'Link' value as a hyper linke, the current source of the gridView is an XML doc. How do I go about on doing this?

Any help would be appreciated.



<asp:GridView ID="GridView1" runat="server" AutoGenerateColumns="False"> <Columns> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Jop ID" DataField="jobID" /> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Job Category" DataField="jobCategory" /> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Title" DataField="title" /> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Location" DataField="location" /> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Description" DataField="description" /> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Salary" DataField="salary" /> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Date" DataField="dateCreated" /> <asp:BoundField HeaderText="Link" DataField="link" /> <asp:ButtonField Text="Apply" ButtonType="Button" DataTextFormatString="link" /> </Columns> </asp:GridView> 


<?xml version="1.0" standalone="yes"?> <jobs> <job> <jobID>14</jobID> <empID>1</empID> <jobCategory>Finance</jobCategory> <company>Well hame</company> <title>tillywillyboy</title> <location>Dublin</location> <description>dsfadsf</description> <requirements>sdkfasdfa</requirements> <terms>Permanent</terms> <salary>25000</salary> <dateCreated>04/09/2015 21:53:14</dateCreated> <Link>~/Job.aspx?id=14&amp;empId=1</Link> </job> <job> <jobID>15</jobID> <empID>1</empID> <jobCategory>Finance</jobCategory> <company>sdf</company> <title>asdf</title> <location>Dublin</location> <description>asdf</description> <requirements>asdf</requirements> <terms>Permanent</terms> <salary>25000</salary> <dateCreated>04/09/2015 21:54:36</dateCreated> <Link>~/Job.aspx?id=15&amp;empId=1</Link> </job> <job> <jobID>16</jobID> <empID>1</empID> <jobCategory>Finance</jobCategory> <company>asdfa</company> <title>asdf</title> <location>Dublin</location> <description>asdf</description> <requirements>asfd</requirements> <terms>Permanent</terms> <salary>25000</salary> <dateCreated>04/09/2015 22:05:00</dateCreated> <Link>~/Job.aspx?id=16&amp;empId=1</Link> </job> <job> <jobID>17</jobID> <empID>1</empID> <jobCategory>Finance</jobCategory> <company>Well sham</company> <title>fuck you too</title> <location>Dublin</location> <description>joe duffy smells</description> <requirements>well isn't it all great </requirements> <terms>Permanent</terms> <salary>2500</salary> <dateCreated>04/09/2015 22:17:20</dateCreated> <Link>~/Job.aspx?id=17&amp;empId=1</Link> </job> <job> <jobID>18</jobID> <empID>1</empID> <jobCategory>Finance</jobCategory> <company>asfd</company> <title>asdf</title> <location>Dublin</location> <description>asdf</description> <requirements>asdf</requirements> <terms>Permanent</terms> <salary>2500</salary> <dateCreated>04/09/2015 22:35:43</dateCreated> <Link>~/Job.aspx?id=18&amp;empId=1</Link> </job> <job> <jobID>19</jobID> <empID>1</empID> <jobCategory>Finance</jobCategory> <company>asdf</company> <title>asfd</title> <location>Dublin</location> <description>safd</description> <requirements>asf</requirements> <terms>Permanent</terms> <salary>25000</salary> <dateCreated>04/09/2015 22:39:08</dateCreated> <Link>~/Job.aspx?id=19&amp;empId=1</Link> </job> </jobs> 

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Where to look for remote work?

First of all I am not even sure if this is a the correct subreddit, but oh well.

I am currently , again a student in a university, I have till very recently been working full time in a remote environment, which I got after doing a project in freelancer while I was in university a couple of years ago, that said I actually ended up putting the university in standby due to the sheer amount of work and time required ( I worked around 8-10 hours). Well things have been declining harshly, and I decided to rejoin college, but I am still hoping to get a job somewhere to help pay the bills. That said, where one can find Remote work opportunities? I am fairly experienced, and I have worked since I was around 17, now 25.

So any ideas where I could actually look into?

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c# string contains check for full word?

Hello guys,

I've been trying get my program to check a string for a word but I used contains for it but even when I put in a letter thats in the word it is true. How can I make is so when I check the string: "blue monkeys are not red" for a letter like 'b' it doesn't return true but it only returns true when I put in the word "blue"

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IfStatement and CompareTo help

Hey CSharp,
you guys helped me with my programming last week so I figured I'd turn to you guys again. Normally I would attend to my professor's office hours as my first resource, but I am away from campus for the holiday weekend.
This time my problem is with alphabetizing three user-entered words using CompareTo. I had no problem with alphabetizing two user-entered words, but I am stumped and cannot find an answer online as to how to correctly write the code for three. I am sure its simple and I'll feel stupid afterwards.
My code so far:
Console.WriteLine("Please enter two words to be sorted by the console");
string userWord2 = Console.ReadLine();
string userWord3 = Console.ReadLine();
//string userWord4 = Console.ReadLine();

 if (userWord2.CompareTo(userWord3) < 0) { Console.WriteLine(userWord2); Console.WriteLine(userWord3); } else { Console.WriteLine(userWord3); Console.WriteLine(userWord2); } Console.ReadKey(); 

Also, I enjoyed the tips of how to clean up my code last week, but if a code is written using a specific variable and isn't inherently incorrect, it is written that way because that is how my professor requires it to be. Thanks in advance to anyone who helps me out.

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